Enema Positions


  No matter what position you choose for an enema, relaxation is the most important part in order to take and hold the amount of liquid required to fill the entire colon.

Left Side Position more known in as (Simms Position)
Probably the most often used position for taking or giving an enema.
This position allows for some modesty being as only the area of the anus is exposed.  The recipient can be covered to allow less exposure for modesty.

Receiving an enema while lying on your right side with your left knee flexed toward your chest.
This position position allows the solution to fill and distend the ascending colon and cecum.
It also allows easy access to the
anus for nozzle insertion.
Many people use this position for the entire enema procedure. While others start the enema in the left side position (Simms) or in the  knee chest position and finish in the right side position.
My mother who had been an RN for 40 years said that it should be given to a patient lying on the right side so you can get the ascending colon.  She said on the left, you would only get the descending colon which wouldn't effectively remove all the stool or as much as possible.

The knee chest position is used frequently for people new to receiving enemas. 
This helps the colon move down allowing it to straighten a little bit so the liquid flows in easier. In this position gravity helps the solution easily flows into the descending colon and allowing very little pressure to build up in the rectum as the water fills the descending colon and transverse colon the recipient then should move into the right lateral side position so that the entire colon can be filled to capacity. 

 Lying on a soft surface on the back
The most comfortable and relaxing way to receive an enema.
In this position it allows easy access to the anus for easy lubrication and enema nozzle insertion.
This position of allows yourself or a person administering the enema excellent access to the anus and to massage the abdomen to help move the enema solution further along the large intestine, in this position modesty can be maintained by placing a towel over the patient.

Taking an enema on your tummy
Nice and comfortable at the start of the enema but becomes increasingly harder to hold as the enema progresses. The stomach expands to hold more solution creating pressure.

Over the knee
Generally a bulb syringe is used for this type of enema, which is a type of enema very stimulating to the anus as many insertions are required before the recipient had received enough enema solution to ensure a good enema.

Giving an enema across the knee is usually reserved for smaller people. Although it can be used for any sized person
  Sometimes an enema bag was used in place of a bulb syringe to ensure a larger volume of solution was injected into the colon.
This position allows good control of the recipient and excellent access to the anus. Most people received their first enema in this position from the dedicated health-care provider which was usually Dr. Mom!

Bending over
 Kind of a cross between standing and the knee chest position.  Some people use its position because they have a hard time standing up from the knee chest position.

Some people take there enemas while sitting on the toilet.
This is not necessarily a comfortable position to receive an enema.
It places the body in a position so that gravity is always trying to expel the solution.
  Their is a constant pressure in the rectum, in this position you need real determination to keep your anal sphincter tightly closed.
Yet many people use this position so they will not have to get up and run to the toilet. It also helps to use an retention enema nozzle.

  This is not a position for taking an enema , but after we do take one.  We have to get rid of it.  Most of us just sit down on the toilet and expel the enema solution.  However , this is not the best position to be in when one is expelling an enema, there is a tool called the Welles step, which raises the knees placing the upper leg {thighs}against the abdomen applying pressure, which helps expel the enema solution easier without straining or pushing.

Welles Step for easier enema expulsion

People who use the Welles Step tend to have fewer hernias, hemorrhoids anal fissures.


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