Coffee Enema

Remember when taking enemas always use filtered or bottled water!

Never inject anything into your colon hotter than 115 Fahrenheit.

There seem to be as many recipes, ways {protocols} to use coffee in an enema as there are leaves on a tree.   I do know (through my own experiences) that coffee enemas work. You will need to experiment to see which protocol works best for you.

Coffee stimulates the liver to make more bile. Bile from the gallbladder removes environmental and metabolic toxins, as well as other very irritating toxins & parasite-like organisms. The colon is the avenue responsible for removing these toxins. In addition, the coffee enema stimulates the liver to produce enzymes that clean the blood. {all the blood in our body passes through the liver approximately every three minutes}

Most made-for-enema coffee use a special coffee bean, very lightly roasted to preserving the maximum caffeine and palmitic acid content, the key elements for stimulating detoxification. With this coffee you may feel and/or hear the release of bile from your gall bladder.  Whichever type of coffee bean you choose, always go for the lightest possible roast. The darker the roast, the lower key elements, and a less therapeutic effect.

It is best to use whole beans and not pre ground coffee so you get the freshest coffee possible.
Always grind the coffee beans just before your enema , so you receive the most benefit from the coffee enema.

Four tablespoons of ground coffee per quart of water is a good rule of thumb for brewing the best coffee for enema use.

Experiment to find the right amount of brewed coffee for your body.
You can't easily change this by varying the amount of water you add to your bag  you use with your brewed coffee.

A properly done coffee enema greatly facilitates the release of toxins the main organ of detoxification, to produce more bile. Bile is a bodily fluid that has a role in fat digestion and into which many toxins, both internally and externally generated, are dissolved for removal from the body out through the gall bladder, small intestine, and then colon.
The coffee causes the muscles of the bile duct to relax and dilate, opening the duct wider to produce a large flow of bile from the gall bladder into the small intestine. You only want the coffee to remain in the
sigmoid and rectal area of the lower colon where it will be absorbed into the blood circulating directly to your liver.

When using coffee enemas you want to make sure that you have a clean colon to ensure that the bile being eliminated by the gallbladder that is dumped into the small intestine moves through the colon as fast as possible to be eliminated.  A good cleansing enema series will help with this.

Though not a common practice today, coffee enemas do have a long history of use. Recorded medical use of coffee enemas dates back to World war 1, their beneficial effects on the liver were claimed by scientists in the 1920s; they appeared in all major nursing textbooks through the 1950s & 60s; and were listed in the Merck Medical Manual until the mid-1970s.

Most people mix water with their brewed coffee to weaken the mixture.
Normally 8 to 16 oz. up to  1quart of brewed coffee solution is used, this is enough to fill the rectum and sigmoid colon area , where the majority of the coffee solution is absorbed into the bloodstream.  There are those that say you need 1 qt. of the coffee solution to be effective.  I have tried both and each one one works well.

Coffee Enema Directions:
1 to 16 oz. of brewed coffee
1qt. of warm filtered water normal coffee enema.
2 qts. of warm filtered water {if you are going to take a large volume coffee enema}
Coffee & Water Temperature 105 to 107 Fahrenheit at timne of enema.

Directions for taking or giving an Enema:

You can repeat this protocol , as needed.

Here are links to coffee that is made especially for enema use {and they are not bad to drink either}

s.a.Wilsons Therapy Blend enema coffee

Benefits of High Volume Coffee Enemas w/ Large Diameter Nozzles

Physiological Effects:

{A} Reduce bowel-transit time to 12 to 18 hours

{B} Retention time to the point of opening-up the pathway to neutralize various chemical exo-toxins, and endo-toxins that were created by their presence, in the liver's de-tox system.
 This increased to the point of sharpening of vision, under low-light conditions, during the retention-time. 

{C} Large-diameter nozzle, dilating the anus, to one inch, or more, creates a
relaxation of All bodily sphincters, including the capillary sphincters, that retain trapped toxins, when in spasm.

When the nozzle is retained for at least one-half hour, the body relaxes into para-sympathetic response, insuring that the large-volume enema of two or more quarts, can easily be, accomplished.

Which creates a "relaxation-response", which, if just the nozzle, is inserted, at bed-time and retained through the sleep-time, it increases the quality of sleep, this strategem, gives more REM sleep, than without,
the dilating nozzle.

Life Energizing Effects:

{A} Filling of the entire colon, at the same time, reflexes all of body, as if,
getting a full-body polarity treatment, empowering the entire body.

{B} The completely filled colon, strengthening the immune-system.

{C} The filling of the transverse colon, and retained, induces a stimulation and opening of the diaphragm and the attached peri-cardium, creating a subtle energy connection between the Heart Chakra and the Crown Chakra.  

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