Catnip Tea Enema

Remember when taking enemas always use filtered or bottled water!
Never inject anything into your colon hotter than 115 Fahrenheit.

Catnip Tea is excellent for reducing fever and total over all relaxation.

A catnip tea enema series is great enema for rehydration the body and reducing fever. Catnip is very soothing and relaxing too the intestinal lining.
As an herb, the uses for catnip are many and varied.  Approximately two thirds of all domestic felines are affected by the euphoric properties of catnip.
Since the middle ages catnip has been used for the treatment of nervousness, colds, influenza, and fevers as catnip causes sweating when used as a Hot drinking tea.  Catnip has been said to aid with the painful bladder conditions, interstitial cystitis, gas,
diarrhea,  colic and other diseases of childhood.  As an herbal remedy in an enema or by drinkable tea catnip works as a  muscle relaxant,  nervine and very mild sedative.

This is a great enema if you have diarrhea as it not only removes toxins and bad bacteria from your colon it helps rehydration of your system. It is a very relaxing and soothing to the entire system.

Many times just a plain  warm water enema will help deter diarrhea.

To make a solution for a catnip tea enema, place 8 tablespoons of fresh or dried catnip leaves in a glass or stainless steel pot. {when using any herbs , fresh is always better}

 Using bagged catnip tea, use the amount recommended on the package to make 1 quart of tea. will  In a separate pot, bring to boil 1 quart of steam-distilled water. Remove the water from the heat and pour it over the herbs. Cover the pot and let the tea steep for 15 to 30 minutes. Then strain out the catnip and allow the tea to cool to a comfortable temperature. {approximately 80 Fahrenheit} You can also make enough catnip tea solution for several enemas.

Enema Recipe:

Add 4 to 32 ozs. of tea to your enema solution.

2 qts. {2000 milliliters} of cool filtered water   {2000 milliliters = 2 liters or a little over 2 qts.}
Water Temperature
65 to 80 Fahrenheit {for fever or reducing temperature}
100 to 105 Fahrenheit  {for relaxation and calming}
This is an enema that by changing the water temperature you change the action of the enema.

Directions for taking or giving an Enema:


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