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Enema-Information.Com is an information and resource site for enemas and colonics.   Our goal is to provide helpful enema tips and suggestions for colon cleansing.

7 day Colon Cleanse

7 day colon cleanse

1 gallon silicone bag set

1 gallon silicon enema bag kit

Enema Equipment

enema equipment at Health and Yoga

An enema is a discreet and private method of self-administered colon cleansing

Whether you are new to enemas and colonics or have years of experience, we hope to provide enema and colonic information that is helpful to everyone.  Being in tune with your body, understanding the often subtle messages it sends and ways to disarm potential health problems, should be the goal of everyone.

If you're wondering at this point, why an enema or colonic, the answer is simple..it could very well prolong your life.

Our modern lifestyle has given rise to an ever-increasing selection of health disorders where diagnosis is often vague or impossible.  People dismiss health and mental well being in an effort to keep pace with the lifestyle that's robbing them of it.
A balanced diet high in fiber, rich in antioxidants, can extend the lifespan and majorly defend against premature aging.  Age lines really are not all that dignified. 
Instead people on the run reach for energy drinks (proven to have bad effect on the heart) and grab high sodium, fat at the local drive through and wonder why the next stop is coronary artery disease.

Physiological ailments such as lower backaches, indigestion, flatulence, acidity, chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome are widely rampant. So are psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, irritability and other neuroses.

These - coupled with our prolonged unhealthy lifestyles invites systemic disorders such as obesity, faster Ageing, Cancers, Rheumatoid Arthritis and auto immune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Crohn’s Disease and a host of others.

These disorders have been linked to an insufficiently clean colon and a poor detoxification of the body.

Experiences show that Enemas benefit greatly in such cases and help in maintaining youthfulness.

The good part of our modern lifestyles is that Enemas are NOT a taboo any longer!
We also believe we provide the best resources for enema tools and the means to make your enema an enjoyable, healthy experience.
The products we recommend here are the ones we use ourselves, friends that we know and trust.  Browse our enema data base and visit our partners in the privacy of your home.

Literally thousands upon thousands of people are discovering that a holistic approach can help them to have a better, healthier
lifestyle.  An enema is a tool to help accomplish this. It is one of the oldest tools used for medical purposes. 

Many people on necessary medical regimens discover that
a common side effect to many prescriptions IS constipation.

A simple enema offers quick relief of constipation instead of slow working (and often painful) over the counter laxatives.

We hope that you will follow the links here, do some research and maybe come to the same conclusions that we have.  There ARE ways to help ourselves to live healthier,
 more productive lives.   We CAN be in control of our bodies  We hope to help you find tools to accomplish just that.

That a coffee enema improves the detoxification capacities of the liver by increasing the activity of a family of enzymes called gluthione S-transferase
 (GST) (super gene family) by as much as 700% above normal?

( The gluthione S-transferases represent a major group of detoxification enzymes)

 That the coffee enema improves the detoxification abilities not only of the liver and the gallbladder, but also of the kidneys?

That you should clear out the entire colon before you take a coffee enema?

That the amount of coffee needed for a coffee enema varies with each individual?


Certified organic enema coffee

organic coffee enema, SA Wilsons coffee is created for enemas

Sea Salt
Perfect for Enemas

in an enema always use sea salt and never a iodized product

Bulk Herbs
Mountain Rose

bulk herbs, Mountain Rose Herbs

Cleansing Therapy

colon cleansing products are for good colon maintenance

Enema Aromatherapy

enema aromatherapy and essential oils for enema hygene

Enema Solutions

extra virgin olive oil
pure extra virgin olive oil is perfect for an enema

Goat Milk Soap

goats milk soap is a gentle solution for an enema

Please enjoy our favorite sources of enema equipment & products

Enema information, in no way seeks to replace the advice of health practitioners.
It is always a sound idea to consult your doctor or other health care provider before
starting a new regimen.